Additions & Add-ons

worker overseeing a residential addition

Adding Value When You Add On

Need more space? You’ve come to the right place. Quality Commercial and Residential Roofing offers free estimates and budget consultations for residential building additions. Our goal is to provide a clear picture of everything from the look of the addition to the construction costs. Whether commercial or residential, our dedication to excellent client service is one of our commitments to all of our homeowners, along with business owners for our commercial additions. If you are seeking help with home additions in Keller, TX, our team can be there for you. Call 817-741-3700 to learn more.

Is Your Home Ready for a Room Addition?

A room addition may be the ideal method to increase living space and add value to your property. A room expansion, whether you need to turn your attic into a bonus area, expand the size of your bedroom, or enclose your outdoor patio, can have a significant influence on your family’s requirements and way of life.

If you feel your home is overburdened and space constraints have limited your lifestyle, it may be time to expand it. Examine the layout and size of your house to see if a qualified room addition contractor can assist with the extra area demands of your family.

Before you begin an expansion, first evaluate your requirements and concerns in order to better understand your needs and worries. Ask yourself three crucial questions that address your requirements and concerns:

Will the addition accomplish my space needs?

If you’re adding on, first assess your current living space and see whether the addition will meet your demands and solve your problems. If your home is compact and does not have a guest room, a bedroom extension would allow out-of-town relatives and friends to stay more often. An additional playroom would provide a secure location for activities if your grandchildren like to visit at your home. Before you spend money on a room addition, be sure it will improve your life and give you the space you need.

Will the addition increase your home’s value?

Even if you have no intention of selling your home shortly, consider the impact of the addition on resale value. Whether you sell, refinance, or take out a home equity loan, you’ll want to receive an excellent appraisal of your property.

Because adding space is typically costly, it does not always outperform home renovations in terms of return on investment. According to building and real estate research, the average payback time for a single room addition like a bedroom or bathroom is 53 percent.

Selecting features that are in demand is one of the most important aspects of smart property investment. Adding features that are desired is one of the easiest ways to increase the return on your investment. If most homes in your region have master bedrooms and you do not, it would be considered a good investment. Don’t go overboard when comparing to neighboring properties.

How much will the addition cost?

Because each home, property, and family need is unique, it’s difficult to estimate how much an addition will cost without consulting with a local contractor. Although this is only a rough estimate, you might anticipate paying between $100 and $200 per square foot for building expenses on average.

You must also consider the cost of furnishings and facilities in addition to construction expenditures. You’ll need more heating and cooling energy to keep your home as big as you like it, which will increase your power costs.

´╗┐Because tax assessments are based on a property’s square footage, your property taxes will almost certainly go up. The assessment will rise even more if you add new features such as a fireplace, steam room, or hot tub.

Get the Help You Need

Our team can be there to help you every step of the way, beginning with your choice to add to your home. We are professionals in the industry and we have worked on numerous additions in the past, so we have the experience necessary to get the job done right and ensure that your new addition meets all of your needs and expectations. So if you are seeking a home addition in Keller, TX, give us a call. We can also be there to help on various other types of projects, including many different types of residential roofing services. You can reach us at 817-741-3700.