Commercial Additions

commercial space under construction

Adding Value When You Add-On

If you’re looking for a bit more room in your building, there’s no one better to help you out. At Quality Commercial and Residential Roofing, we offer free estimates and budget consultations as a part of our process for providing commercial additions. Our goal is to offer our customers a clear understanding of everything from the appearance of their new addition to an estimate of their total construction costs. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service in everything that we do – and that’s just one of the things that make us stand out in the industry. So if you are in the process of finding someone to help you with a commercial addition in Keller, TX, our team can be there by your side to help you every step of the way. Call 817-741-3700 if you’re ready to learn more and get things started.

Our Commercial Projects

You can count on Quality Commercial and Residential Roofing to provide you with new functioning spaces that match your growing company’s image and requirements. Our professional staff is skilled in any addition, big or little.

We’re here for all of your commercial additions and renovations, whether you require a conference room for your business complex, a contemporary commercial expansion on a school campus, or a major extension to an industrial plant.

Small Business Approach to Big Projects

As a family-owned general contracting firm, we bring a small business approach to communication and partnerships while still being able to manage the most significant commercial expansions. We have spent over 20 years developing our reputation for honesty, quality craftsmanship, and value engineering throughout the DFW region.

Limiting or Eliminating Downtime

Downtime is never an option for your company. Quality Commercial and Residential Roofing has over two decades of expertise in high-activity areas and structures. We specialize in limiting or preventing any company downtime.

Our primary concern is always the safety of you, your employees, and your clients. While it’s impossible to avoid all downtime during commercial building projects, our project managers collaborate with you throughout each construction phase to ensure you aren’t caught off guard. This ensures that you have enough time to prepare.

Have you outgrown the capacity of your current location? Perhaps you need additional storage space for big manufacturing equipment or more items in your warehouse. Whatever the cause, Quality Commercial and Residential Roofing can help with budget-friendly additions and improvements that surpass your expectations.

Facilities We Serve

We have extensive expertise and knowledge in the development of commercial building additions in a number of sectors, including:

  • Commercial Buildings and Offices
  • Universities and Schools
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Transportation Structures
  • Waste Management Locations
  • Aviation Facilities
  • Government Buildings

Reach Out to Our Team

Are you interested in a commercial addition in Keller, TX? The team at Quality Commercial and Residential Roofing can help. We can also provide commercial roofing services and help with residential additions. Call 817-741-3700 to learn more.