In a business where contractors have to be trusted, the best way to know a reputation is from other people who have used the services. Below are actual testimonials of Quality Construction Roofing & Remodeling.

“I called Quality Construction because of a personal referral. I was selling my home and had appointments to have people view my home. Unfortunately, I had water damage that needed to be repaired. I scheduled for them to come to my home and fix the sagging sheetrock in multiple areas of my home. I expected the work to take all day long but they showed up (on time) and tore out the sheetrock and retextured so fast that I had time to have them install new wood floors and fix my deck outside. I was amazed at how skilled and professional these guys were and I felt comfortable leaving them working at my house while I left. I whole Heartedly recommend Quality Construction for any project.”

Jami M

“I live in an affluent community and a tornado touched down in my neighborhood. Our roof was literally ripped off and we received extensive water damage to the interior of my home. Immediately after the storm, Quality Construction had lots of people in my neighborhood and tarped off my roof (in the rain) to help stop the rain from coming into my home and doing more damage. They were the only company on site during the storm. They also called their extraction team in to take out the wet and fallen sheetrock that was laying on my floor and brought in dehumidifiers to get the water out of my house. After meeting with my adjuster, Quality Construction took care of my roof, flooring, sheetrock, and putting my things back in order. They were so good that I had them faux finish and do custom texture in other areas in my home where there was no storm damage. I am extremely pleased with the work they provided and have given them many referrals. Everyone I know who uses them thanks me for sending a reputable company their way.”

Eric W

“In March, we had massive hail damage to our house, fence, and outside furniture. We called Quality Construction and Jeff met with the adjuster to ensure we were paid the right amount on our claim. He was able to get everything covered. We used our collateral damage to our personal property to cover our deductible and upgrade our roof shingles.”

Julie A

“I’m a single mom and I interviewed over 10 companies to help fix my house. There were only a few that were local and even fewer that could do all the work I needed done. I was skeptical when I hired Quality Construction but they made a believer out of me. They fixed my roof, siding, fence, sprinkler system, window screens and did interior work. Hire these guys…they are awesome!”

– Cindy C

“I run a nursing home and speed and efficiency was paramount in choosing a contractor as well as someone who could negotiate with our insurance company. Our deductible was $48,000 but Jeff was able to negotiate a settlement where everything was completed. We were able to make payments which did not affect our P&L. In addition, Quality Construction was able to tear off the roof and replace it in ONE DAY! We did not have to worry about nails in tires or our residents being harmed. They executed and followed through with every detail.”

Brian D.Eldercare Facility Manager

“Your guys did a great job! (Jeff) you really are a good man and a man of your word. You and I both know that’s hard to come by these days.”

Craig V