Giving Back

At QCRR we believe in giving!  We believe that a large portion of our proceeds should be sown into programs doing good work around the world.  We want you to know who we support and encourage you to consider supporting these life-giving organizations as well.”

Open Arms International serves the orphans of Eldoret, Kenya. A sweet couple that rescues children abandoned or left alone when their parents are killed because of the ongoing civil unrest in that part of Africa. 

Open Arms brings children into the homes and pairs them with a family to care and educate them.  People from outside the village sponsor and “adopt” the children to ensure they get the care they need. 

Jeff and Amy have 3 children there (Johnny and twins Dinah & Diana)

Fight for the Forgotten was founded by Justin “The Viking” Wren and reaches the Mbuti Pygmy tribes, which are considered the most persecuted people on the planet. They are hunted, killed, and eaten because they are not considered to be human.

Justin has worked to change the mentality of the people and leaders of the Congo to help them understand that Pygmy are in fact people.  Justin and his team, Shalom Drillers, have hand dug over 32 water wells for both Pygmy and non-Pygmy people there to help end the water crisis.  He also raised over $50K on a Kickstarter Campaign and bought 2500 acres in the Pygmy tribe’s name.

After only one year of living as one with the Pygmy people he was able to set over 1,500 slaves free the first year.  Justin also hired full-time farmers to plant crops and now they are producing bumper crops.  He is also making permanent housing and starting Shalom Solutions to build commerce where the Pygmy can sell their arts, crafts and food to the non-Pygmy people to help support and sustain their living on their own land.

Because of Justin’s compassion and love for the Pygmy people he has become family with them and has changed his name to Justin “The Big Pygmy” Wren.  His Pygmy name literally translates to “the man who loves us.” Justin has not been alone in making this vision come to pass and could not have succeeded without the help of  Their life-giving tools and staff has been the catalyst for Justin to achieve his dream.

Sower of Seeds is a ministry to India that develops economic growth as well as life-saving missions. We support the Project Red Light Rescue that serves to rescue young women from the sex slave industry. 

Sower Of Seeds is a wonderful ministry taking lives that have no value and showing them their true value in Christ and in the world around them. 

Fellowship of the Sword 

When you understand that God created you for a purpose and you ignite that purpose and passion inside you it changes you from the mundane “go through the motions” to a person with purpose. 

We have sent numerous staff and friends and nobody has returned disappointed.  I recommend this to everyone I meet.

Jimmy and Karen Evans host Marriage Today, a 30 minute tv show, is on radio, internet, magazines, and they host seminars in many different cities.  Their funny, transparent approach is easy to understand and follow.

Terri Savelle Foy helps individuals and businesses realize and accomplish their dreams through goal setting and letting the dream become real.

She hosts an annual meeting for business leaders where she lines up innovative, successful speakers to impart wisdom in to the attendees.

Naomi’s Village has saved over 65 children.  Unlike America, there is no government agency to provide for these children. 

Thanks to Caleb Beets and Keith Tyler, Pastors at Cottonwood Creek Church in Allen, TX we now know about Naomi’s Village.