Here’s How We Differ…

Quality Construction is rooted in every market we work. We are not storm chasers!  We have representatives who were born and raised in each market. We will send staff to help an office from time to time, but you can guarantee you’re dealing with a local person. If you need us, we will be there to serve you.

We build to last.

Businesses are only successful by being profitable but we have found that investing in a job up front will create a happier client and the project will be better built. This ensures that leaks are a minimum (if it is a roofing job) and we will receive many referrals.

We will not cut corners!

Using better products (see below) will greatly improve a client’s chances of being leak free.


Plastic boots that will wear out in less than 10 years and leaves the PVC exposed and it will deteriorate from the sun’s UV rays.


Lead formed plumbing jacks are formed around the PVC to protect it. Lead will never wear down due to harmful UV rays.

Roofing staples do not hold. In high wind, shingles will come loose. Staples are thin and do not hold a heavy shingle.

We use 1 ¼” galvanized nails that are specifically made to hold shingles on your roof. We use 6 nails per shingle to extend the warranty and life of your roof.


Turbines are a widely misunderstood item on a home. The spin creates a vortex and sucks the hot air right out…right? Absolutely not! They spin to keep rain from dripping inside the attic. If there is no wind but a presence of rain, they leak.

Spinning doesn’t do anything to draw the heat out. In fact, there is a large mass of air above the turbine or turtle vent line that radically heats up the attic. Turbines have bearings and will wear out, get rusty, and create a maintenance item for a homeowner.


We use ridge vent. Heat rises…period. Why have a large mass of air above the vent? It doesn’t make sense! Ridge vent is at the highest peak of the attic along the main ridge.

We can ventilate the entire ridge which gives a much greater number of square inches of ventilation. They will not leak and provide the breathability that an attic needs.  Want to reduce your bills? Ventilate and insulate. No moving parts means no service calls.


Where two slopes come together they either form a hip or a valley. Valleys are where all the water goes to be pushed off the roof. There a wide variety of materials that can be used.

Some companies just double up the felt or put a 90# felt. Metal is better but the nail holes get enlarged when the metal is walked on and that creates large opportunities for leaks. Any scuffs on the metal compromises the coating and it rusts.

We use a product that was made for damp conditions. This is by far the best material you can use to help protect your home from rain, sleet or snow. The product is called Ice & Water Shield. It has a sticky backing that adheres to your home. In addition, it is self-healing.  When a nail goes through it, the tar encompasses the nail to stop any chance of penetration.

We overlap the shingles at the valley to create multiple layers of protection.